Mezzanine Floors

Erecting and Relocating Mezzanine Floors Throughout The UK

ABS West Midlands specialise in the erection of Mezzanine Floors (steel raised storage platforms) providing clients with a space solution. Many commercial sites have unutilised headroom and are short of office, storage and work space. A Mezzanine Floor may well be the perfect answer to your space problems.

Mezzanine floors allow businesses to expand without going through the costly process of relocation.

Erecting Mezzanine Floor

The types of structure include areas for storage, production, offices and plant platforms. The structure can be single or multi tiered and made accessible by lifting platforms and staircases.

Our project managers can design your structure and our experienced team of fitters can erect your mezzanine floor with the minimum amount of disturbance to your business.

Our fitters can also dismantle and relocate existing Mezzanine Floors.

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